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彩票联盟Screenshot 彩票联盟-04-17 at 16.03.51


彩票联盟Screenshot 彩票联盟-04-17 at 16.04.25



彩票联盟Screenshot 彩票联盟-04-17 at 16.07.45

                                                                                                                                                                                          Lee du Ploy

彩票联盟Screenshot 彩票联盟-04-17 at 16.09.06

                                                                                                                 Olly Howe – Blue Plume                                                       




彩票联盟Screenshot 彩票联盟-04-17 at 16.08.31


                                              Michael Olsen – Butterfly 

Online Exhibition can be found at 

http:///zebra-one-gallery-launches-an-art-fundraiser-to-support-the-nhs/feed/ 0
彩票联盟-高频彩票联盟_彩票联盟平台In conversation with Birds & Beasts ahead of their Double Bill gig with Ellie Ford at Green Note, in London. http:///in-conversation-with-birds-beasts-ahead-of-their-double-bill-gig-with-ellie-ford-at-green-note-in-london/ http:///in-conversation-with-birds-beasts-ahead-of-their-double-bill-gig-with-ellie-ford-at-green-note-in-london/#comments Thu, 16 Jan 彩票联盟 18:31:38 +0000 http:///?p=121149 彩票联盟Screenshot 彩票联盟-01-16 at 18.10.40
When did you first get together? 
Anna - We decided to start making music together pretty much as soon as we got together at the very end of 2013 but we didn’t become a duo until the end of 2018.  I had to push Leo a little bit, but in the end he gave in and Birds and Beasts was born in Germany during a snowy winter in the woods.
Leo - It is true that I was a little reluctant at first but once we started singing together I realised that there was something in the way our voices combined. Once we started to think of ourselves as a band it soon grew and became our main musical focus. We first performed in front of an audience at Anna’s family reunion at a farm in Germany, there was a medieval stone chapel in the courtyard and we practiced some songs in there where the acoustics were pretty magical.
How would you describe your music ? 
Leo - Classic and memorable pop music, we are influenced by zoology as much as we are by psychedelia and electronic music.
Anna - We take our audiences on a journey. We think music should be fun; sing-a-long feral rock n’ roll and sharing our love for the animal kingdom with music…
Leo - Yes, although it is fun we do like to make humans feel misty eyed about animals as well…
Anna - Although the pigs seemed to enjoy it when we played the pig sanctuary gig…
Leo – Ah yeah, and the dog joined us on stage too!
Where do you get your inspiration from ? 

Anna - We do a lot of dog walking on the Yorkshire moors so those surroundings are inspirational to us. We also watch a lot of nature documentaries! There are so many interesting and strange animals that we think it is a lifetimes worth of inspiration.
Leo - We are always gathering source material, second hand bookshops are great. My latest purchase is a history of carnivores called ‘The Velvet Claw’, it was an old BBC series. I already plan to write a song about the enormous cave bears that lived in Europe during prehistoric times.
彩票联盟Screenshot 彩票联盟-01-16 at 18.09.37
What part of the process do you like the most. Songwriting? Recording? Performing ? Or meeting the audience? 
LeoThe initial excitement when you discover a new song is pretty hard to beat. However, all have their merits, we love exploring sounds and creating in our studio. Performing is also a real buzz and we love chatting to people after a show and have met some amazing people. Inconclusive answer from me!
AnnaThey are all very enjoyable for different reasons. Personally I enjoy recording the least, as it means shutting the outside world away for a little while and living in a little studio bubble, but I love the end result. I prefer performing and meeting people!
You are both writing songs for your next album describe what you are creating ? Is it similar to Entwined or different? 
Anna - We are starting by recording some old favorites, and will incorporate some more electronic elements; samplers, sequencers, synthesizers. Entwined had a lot of actual drums instead of drum machines on as well as some everyday items used as percussions like a glass on Turn with the Tide, we will just start exploring and see what happens!
Leo - We do have a lot of songs that didn’t make it onto Entwined that people want to have a recording of. It will be nice to be able to direct people towards the new album when we are asked ‘Where can I hear the scorpion song?’ ‘Can I get a copy of the tune about the spider?’. Sound wise we have been on a journey over the last year learning how to use some new technology, we are always going to have our songwriting as the core of who we are but it is exciting to see what we can develop. The other day I made a beat using just chopped up samples of a gorilla. Don’t expect an album full of that sort of thing but the possibilities are endless!
Anna - We are writing so many new songs it is going to be hard to select which ones will be on the record.
Recently you launched an electronic version of your album Entwined, is this something you are always going to do with your albums? You recorded it at your studio was it fun to do? 
Anna - We think that this was a bit off a one-off special occasion, as the album originally came together pretty quick. It then evolved into the electronic set and we really wanted our fans to be able to listen to that at 彩票联盟. It was fun recording and filming it, it also really helped us prepare for the recording of the new album.
Leo - Most people have only heard us do Entwined in quite a stripped back acoustic way, when we recorded the album we didn’t think about how to replicate it live and just played whatever instruments we thought suited the song. Using the drum machine and sequencer was a way to use fuller arrangements live. The Entwined songs work well both ways but this sort of became its own thing and we just wanted to share it!
You have a a gig on the 23rd of January at the legendary Green Note in Camden  with Ellie Ford. Are you looking forward to playing in London? 

Anna - We are very excited for this one, having played Romeo and Michele’s (one half of the The Magic Numbers) night there last July, its amazing to return and play there . Also big fans of Ellie and her harp, so this will be a lovely evening.
Leo - It is great to be going back to this lovely venue. This time we will be playing a longer set. Choosing between songs is like choosing between children.
See  and at on the Thursday 23rd of January. 
Doors open at 7pm.
Tickets available here - 
Listen to the bands 
(c) images by
http:///in-conversation-with-birds-beasts-ahead-of-their-double-bill-gig-with-ellie-ford-at-green-note-in-london/feed/ 0
彩票联盟-高频彩票联盟_彩票联盟平台Interview with the talented musician, Ellie Ford who is playing a Double Bill with Birds and Beasts at Green Note on Thursday 23rd of January. http:///interview-with-the-talented-musician-ellie-ford-who-is-playing-a-double-bill-with-birds-and-beasts-at-green-note-on-thursday-23rd-of-january/ http:///interview-with-the-talented-musician-ellie-ford-who-is-playing-a-double-bill-with-birds-and-beasts-at-green-note-on-thursday-23rd-of-january/#comments Tue, 14 Jan 彩票联盟 13:48:41 +0000 http:///?p=121137
Interview with the talented musician, Ellie Ford who is playing a Double Bill with Birds and Beasts at Green Note on Thursday 23rd of January. Not to be missed.
What is your musical background?
I’m a self taught musician in every way. I have no formal instrument training, but I was encouraged as a child and young person. I had classical singing lessons for a short time, although I was never interested in that style of singing for myself, I wanted to know how to access the amazing range and freedom i’d heard in classical music.
When did you start to learn the harp and was this your first musical instrument? 
The first instrument I really learnt was piano, then I played around a few others for a while…flute, drums, guitar, before I eventually found my match with the harp, which I’ve been playing for 10 years now. I keep up playing guitar and also love the piano. But harp is mainly where it’s at for me these days! And of course singing, I’d say my voice is my main instrument.
Who and what are you inspired by?
Thoughts, emotions, the people I know or have known, dreams.
Describe your creative process when creating a piece of music?
Usually I’ll find a key, scale or chord pattern that sounds good to me, and then i’ll build it from there, adding melody, harmony and finally lyrics.
彩票联盟211C4610-D17F-4C39-B61B-2BF3674DDD2CWhat are you looking forward to the most , playing on the legendary stage at Green Note, Camden.
I’m interested in how live music performance fits into our society. I like the small pubs & clubs gig scene, people still come and sit down and open themselves to an experience. I like to be a part of that.
What other good news have you got to share with us?
 I’m working on my third album!

Come and see Ellie Ford and Birds & Beasts  at the Green Note, Camden, London on Thursday 23rd of January 彩票联盟

Tickets are available here http://www.greennote.co.uk/production/ellie-ford-birds-beasts/

Doors open at 7pm 

Venue: Green Note, 

106 Parkway,  London


Double Bill = listen to their music before the gig.

Ellie Ford http://www.elliefordmusic.co.uk

Birds and Beasts http://www.birdsandbeasts.net


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彩票联盟-高频彩票联盟_彩票联盟平台Winter Open Exhibition at Artsmill, (The David Wright Gallery) http:///winter-open-exhibition-at-artsmill-the-david-wright-gallery/ http:///winter-open-exhibition-at-artsmill-the-david-wright-gallery/#comments Thu, 28 Nov 2019 09:31:53 +0000 http:///?p=121129 Over one hundred people attended the opening of Artsmill’s latest Winter exhibition on Sunday. Forty artists are exhibiting works for sale ranging in value from £30 to £4600.  The event was attended by the Mayoress of Hebden Royd Councillor Doctor Carol Stow and her Consort Doctor Sean Pert.  The exhibition is open from 11 am to 4 pm every day except Mondays and Tuesdays until 20th December.


Photo by Linda Hodges

David Leedham (Chairman), Catherine Leedham (彩票联盟 Secretary, Trustee), Dr. Sean Pert (Mayor’s Consort), Dorothy Simister (Exhibition Curator, Trustee), Dr. Carol Stow (Mayor)

There is such an amazing wealth of talent in the Northern Counties and its good to celebrate it all together in the Winter Open Exhibition, ready for the Christmas Season.

Art by Vixen 


“David Leedham one of the curators of the show said, “We have a mix of Art from Sculpture, Paintings, Prints, Textiles and Crafts, its going to be a wonderful Exhibition of discovery as customers come and see the many wonderful items on show to buy.

Julie Fiona Thornton


This year visitors will be able to relax in the NEW Artists’ Coffee Shop, meet Artsmill artist and enjoy the the artwork in the Artists’ Shop an Gallery Lounge.

Linda Hodges Photography 


Artsmill has assisted assess to the main spaces, but unfortunately no wheelchair access. Fold-up wheelchairs are available at the entrance.

Jan Langdale 




Annie Lawson


The Winter Open Exhibition’ is on till the 2oth of December ( Wednesday – Sunday )

http:///winter-open-exhibition-at-artsmill-the-david-wright-gallery/feed/ 0
彩票联盟-高频彩票联盟_彩票联盟平台Birds and Beasts are on tour with their ‘Winter Specials’ this Saturday at Small Seeds, Huddersfield. http:///birds-and-beasts-are-on-tour-with-their-winter-specials-this-saturday-at-small-seeds-huddersfield/ http:///birds-and-beasts-are-on-tour-with-their-winter-specials-this-saturday-at-small-seeds-huddersfield/#comments Thu, 14 Nov 2019 17:55:52 +0000 http:///?p=121111 彩票联盟Birds and Beasts 11

Birds and Beasts are an alternative pop/folk duo based in West Yorkshire, their union started in Huddersfield with a mutual love of animals and music. Their album, ‘Entwined’ is about the lives and adventures of animals related to the human experience. This Season they are on tour with their Winter Special events, showcasing songs from their current Album, Entwined and they are previewing some of their new songs from their upcoming album (release date next year)

Every track on the album has been carefully curated and produced, to create perfect stories through the bands music, mastered at Abbey Road Studios. This album reflects all series of emotions from triumphs, heartache, betrayal, loss, love, union and friendship through the prism of the animal kingdom. Birds and Beasts, Leo and Anna Brazil are touring around the U.K. and overseas next year to share their album with you.

Birds and Beasts have been nominated for the ‘outstanding songwriting’ award from the Yorkshire Gig Guide. They have played with Michele and Romeo Stodart (The Magic Numbers) and supported Space, Seamus Fogerty, Miles Hunt (The Wonder Stuff), Chris Helme (Seahorses) Merrymaker, Liela Moss, Unknown Era, The Rails and The Wave Pictures. They are playing their Winter Special throughout this Season and you are in for a real treat,  they take you on a wonderful journey learning about our beautiful planet, animal kingdom all related to the Human experience.


Tour dates  left this year are:

Saturday 30th of November  -  Love Music Hate Racism. Doors open at 7.30pm.

Thursday 5th of  December  - Northern Guitars. Doors open at 8pm Winter Special.

Saturday 7th of December  - Chapel FM Musicanthon. = Live from Chapel FM. 8pm

Check out Birds and Beasts here  =


http:///birds-and-beasts-are-on-tour-with-their-winter-specials-this-saturday-at-small-seeds-huddersfield/feed/ 0
彩票联盟-高频彩票联盟_彩票联盟平台Coastal Connections – An Exhibition with Jude Howe and Stan Pile http:///coastal-connections-an-exhibition-with-jude-howe-and-stan-pile/ http:///coastal-connections-an-exhibition-with-jude-howe-and-stan-pile/#comments Wed, 11 Sep 2019 13:19:42 +0000 http:///?p=121098
Coastal Connections – An Exhibition with Jude Howe and Stan Pile
What is it about the East Yorkshire coast that inspires you?
We are inspired by the qualities of colour and light, the vast skies, the seashore and the diverse flora and organisms of the East Yorkshire coastal environment.

Where are you both from and based? 

We have recently returned to Hebden Bridge after 7 years living and working on the East Coast.
Tell us about your backgrounds? When did you start your art practice. Where did you study? 
From a career in Education, Jude  then qualified in HND Art and Design through Leeds Metropolitan University,  where Stan went on to B.A. (Hons) Visual Arts. Stan’s engineering background brings his sheet metal working skills into play in the form of his stainless steel sculptures.
What is your latest exhibition about and what does it mean to you? 
Our joint mixed media exhibition includes work in paint, glass, steel, ceramics and textiles. It represents the influences our coastal connections have brought to our work, both at macro and micro levels.
The constantly changing seascape was the focus of Stan’s ‘Views from the Prom’, a series painted from the same point on Hornsea promenade from September to March. Jude‘s work in kiln formed glass is also highly influenced by the diverse seascapes, the colours and the light.
Sculptural form is at the heart of much of our work, steel sculptures are influenced by the regional flora and intriguing organic forms are represented through glass and ceramics.

Why have you chosen to show your work at Artsmill, Hebden Bridge? 

Having been involved with the art communities of Hebden Bridge and Todmorden for many years, we are delighted to show our ‘Coastal Connections’ exhibition at the fabulous David Wright Gallery space at Artsmill


This exhibition runs till Sunday 29th of September

David Wright Gallery, Artsmill,

11am – 4pm

http:///coastal-connections-an-exhibition-with-jude-howe-and-stan-pile/feed/ 0
彩票联盟-高频彩票联盟_彩票联盟平台Interview with Ex Man City, Goalkeeper – Eric Nixon ahead of the viewing of the film, The Keeper at Up North Film & Television Festival at Square Chapel Arts Centre. http:///interview-with-ex-man-city-goalkeeper-eric-nixon-ahead-of-the-viewing-of-the-film-the-keeper-at-up-north-film-television-festival-at-square-chapel-arts-centre/ http:///interview-with-ex-man-city-goalkeeper-eric-nixon-ahead-of-the-viewing-of-the-film-the-keeper-at-up-north-film-television-festival-at-square-chapel-arts-centre/#comments Wed, 15 May 2019 13:24:45 +0000 http:///?p=121090 彩票联盟136FD71E-4D0C-4A15-9C73-2FAD9D2CCB2B

Listen to the podcast interview with Ex Man City Goalkeeper, Eric Nixon  for Up North Film & Television Festival  happening  all of May. Eric is doing a Q & A tonight ahead of the showing of The Keeper about Bert Trautmann – the Goalkeeper for Manchester City from 1949 – 1964.  Take a listen here.




http:///interview-with-ex-man-city-goalkeeper-eric-nixon-ahead-of-the-viewing-of-the-film-the-keeper-at-up-north-film-television-festival-at-square-chapel-arts-centre/feed/ 0
彩票联盟-高频彩票联盟_彩票联盟平台Interview with film maker, Aaron Dunleavy who is at Square Chapel talking about his documentary, Alfie that got 18 million views. http:///interview-with-film-maker-aaron-dunleavy-who-is-at-up-north-film-tv-festival-at-square-chapel/ http:///interview-with-film-maker-aaron-dunleavy-who-is-at-up-north-film-tv-festival-at-square-chapel/#comments Mon, 13 May 2019 09:08:32 +0000 http:///?p=121076
Interview with film maker, Aaron Dunleavy who is at Up North Film & TV Festival at Square Chapel this Saturday 18th of May talking 
about his documentary Alfie that gained 18 million views. Aaron and Alfie will be in the hot seat ready for questions before showing the documentary at 3pm.
Where are you from? How important are your Roots? I grew up in Blackburn and started making films from a young age. After studying film locally at Blackburn College, I went on to pursue my studies at University of the Arts London, but moving away made me realise how strong of a connection I had to my 彩票联盟town. I discovered how important Blackburn was to me, and how much of a passion I had to tell stories so close to my heart through film.
What is your background? Where did you study? Did you create a lot in your degree?I made two films at university, both of which were set in my 彩票联盟town and cast locally. My time studying gave me the facilities and support needed to help find my style as a filmmaker; using non-professional actors, street casting and working with improvisation.
彩票联盟3730AFE1-5809-4963-9F48-ACEE7847B8DCWhat was the first film you made and how do you come up with the ideas?My first student short, Throw Me to the Dogs, won 10 awards on the festival circuit, with praise from Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle. Screening at some of the most prestigious BAFTA and Oscar® qualifying festivals around the world, the film went on to achieve worldwide distribution via MUBI, streaming in over 240 countries, as well as being awarded a ‘Best of the Month’ Staff Pick on Vimeo.

When writing, I’ll try to incorporate the cast very early on and bring them into the development as much as possible. I always find writing with people is a much more rewarding experience than being alone with a pen and paper.

 彩票联盟B763BC28-B4ED-4242-88F4-5B4D9524EFEAYou recently created a documentary called Alfie, about an odd job lad from Blackburn. Where did you first come up with the idea? How did it differ to working on a documentary to working in a Film? For me as a filmmaker, having previously only really been experienced in narrative fiction, working with Alfie on the documentary and bringing his story and character to life was an incredibly rewarding experience.

I have a passion for putting real people on screen throughout all of my work, and Alfie stands for everything I want to represent with his working-class attitude and vibrant personality.

I’m always looking out for characters to put in my films wherever I go, and Alfie stood out instantly after randomly bumping into him at a music festival.

What are you looking forward to the most at coming over for the Up North Film and Television Festival on May 18th at 3pm?

Even though the film received over 18 million views online, there’s no better feeling than being able to screen the film to an audience – especially locally! For that reason I can’t wait to get involved and meet everyone at the festival.



http:///interview-with-film-maker-aaron-dunleavy-who-is-at-up-north-film-tv-festival-at-square-chapel/feed/ 0
彩票联盟-高频彩票联盟_彩票联盟平台Celebrating ChuckleVision at Up North Film & Television Festival this Sunday at 2pm http:///celebrating-chucklevision-at-up-north-film-television-festival-this-sunday-at-2pm/ http:///celebrating-chucklevision-at-up-north-film-television-festival-this-sunday-at-2pm/#comments Sat, 11 May 2019 00:57:43 +0000 http:///?p=121068 彩票联盟F33296BF-C4C9-4896-AD36-A49CA05201B4

Meet Paul Chuckle at
Up North Film & Television Festival at   and find out all about his amazing career. ChuckleVision is part of a lot of people’s childhood memories. Meet Paul and join him in a nostalgic look back at his amazing career featured with his brother Barry, who sadly passed away last year.

They created memorable catch phrases ‘To me, To you’ oh dear, oh dear, oh dear oh dear oh dear, “It isn’t!” “It is!” “It isn’t!” “It is!” “Is it?” Plus lots more…. Well known panto star Neil Hurst will be taking you on a nostalgic look back, watching clips from their vast amount of footage made over their careers. This is a celebration of the Chuckle Brothers work. Ask Paul anything you need to know in the Q & A. Do not miss this Sunday 12th of May at 2pm at Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax.

Check out full programme of events here 

http:///celebrating-chucklevision-at-up-north-film-television-festival-this-sunday-at-2pm/feed/ 0
彩票联盟-高频彩票联盟_彩票联盟平台Interview with the band 309s who are playing at Hebden Folk Roots Festival. http:///interviewwith309s/ http:///interviewwith309s/#comments Sat, 04 May 2019 12:18:49 +0000 http:///?p=121062 309s are headlining at the American and Bluegrass Day at The Trades Club at the famous Hebden Folk Roots Festival, now in its 5th year. Find out more on this foot tapping, bluegrass band here… I  caught up with Rod from the band to find out more…


When did you first get into music? Especially bluegrass ?

I used to write songs on guitar as a teenager, and played bass in a punk rock band in the early 80s.  I got bored of pop music in the mid-80s and stopped playing music for a while.  A friend (Alistair McIlroy) got interested in playing banjo around 1986 and he got me hooked.   I bought an acoustic guitar and starting learning old bluegrass standards.  At one time I knew over 200 songs.   Alistair and I had two bluegrass bands from the late 80s to the mid 90s, The Six Yard Dogs and The Bronte Mountain Band.   We played various festivals such as Edaleas well as regular stage performances at regional bluegrass clubs and local pubs.

In 1993 I was invited to join a new Bradford-based traditional Cajun band, The Cajun Aces.  This 5-piece band played all over the UK and also overseas (USA, France, Dubai). We recorded two CDs.   I left the band in 2003 and returned to bluegrass, with a band called The Doghouse Irregulars.  The DIs explored music beyond bluegrass, such as Western Swing and 1940s Country.  In 2007, I started The 309s with old Cajun mates Ian Tothill (fiddle) and John Murphy (bass). 

Do you write your own Music? 

The 309s are an unusual band.   We explore the genres of popular music being recorded in the southern states of America in the  decades prior to the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Genres such as Western Swing from Texas, Jazz & RnB from New Orleans, Country Boogie & Honky Tonkfrom Tennessee, all influenced the pioneers of RnR, such as Bill Haley and Elvis.  We like to plunder all of this rich resource and rehash it into own highly danceable songs.  About half of our current set list is now made up of our own songs, and we have a CD with six of them on.   Our latest is a bluesy boogie called Fireproof – “I thought my heart was fireproof, but you burned your way inside.”

Your music is so upbeat, how do you all feel when playing it?

 I hope all bands enjoy playing the music they play!  We play dance music, so we feel like dancing when we play it.  We have to control ourselves sometimes, otherwise the music would stop!

What can we expect from the 309′s at the Hebden Folk Roots Festival? 

Last year we rocked the joint, we plan to do the same this year.  (Warning Bluegrass lovers – we have drums!)

Where can we find you on the web? What links would you like our readers to look at? 

Our web site is www.the309s.com.   You can also find us on Facebook.

http:///interviewwith309s/feed/ 0